Christmas Hamper Winners 2017

Christmas Hamper Winners 2017

Two members who had Christmas Saver accounts with us in 2016, were the lucky winners of our Christmas Hamper and runner up prize.

Our main prize hamper winner has been a member with us for over 7 years and was delighted to win the prize, a bonus on top of the savings she had regularly saved over the year.  Our runner up prize winner joined us just over 2 years ago as a payroll member.  Her prize was a sweet surprise on top of the savings she had made towards the expenses of Christmas.

Our Christmas Saver account is easy to add to your regular Credit Union account, just let us know that you want to start one and we will set it up for you.  You can also join as a member and open up a Christmas Saver account right away.

There are special rewards attached to this account.  Watch this space over the next few days for details of the special rewards and offers.






Our runner-up prize winner 2016.