New Christmas Saver Offer – First 50 Applicants!

New Christmas Saver Offer – First 50 Applicants!

From 8th February, those wanting to get ahead of the game and start saving to make Christmas 2017 much easier, can open one of our Christmas Saver accounts and as a bonus, will receive an extra £10 from us to help them on their way.

This is available to the first 50 members to open new Christmas Saver accounts by submitting the new application form, available from both our offices and on our website.  The form must be completed in full, and if not already a member, the applicant must complete a member application form and submit their proof of ID and address and pay the £2 joining fee.  Alternatively, they can join online.

Our Christmas Saver accounts are fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and savings are withdrawable in cash, making them fully flexible and very safe.

Withdrawals can be made after 31st October 2017, and in addition to the special £10 reward for the first 50 new applicants, all members with a balance over £200 by 31st October will receive a thank you voucher.  All those with an active account that has been paid into during the current year will be entered into a draw for a Christmas hamper in the lead up to Christmas.

We would like to thank the Illegal Money Lending Team who work tirelessly to stop loan sharks and illegal lenders for sponsoring this scheme.