Safety with your financial services

Safety with your financial services

With the recent issues in the media over cyber crime, Sheffield Credit Union would like to offer tips on avoiding being a victim of such fraud attempts.

  1. Do not give any information if you are called on a withheld number by a caller claiming to be from an organisation that you have products or services with;
  2. Do not respond to any emails that contain the organisation’s name, but are not the usual email format or that ask you to give personal information;
  3. Do not click on links in unusual emails – for safety, copy and paste the link into a new web browser.  You will see if it is a valid link by doing this.  Some links direct you to harmful websites;
  4. Do not open attachments on emails that you are not expecting.  These could cause harm to your device.

Sheffield Credit Union will always show the telephone number when calling you and a member of staff will identify themselves to you.  If you are ever unsure, end the call and call back on the usual number, or send an email to the usual email address to check.

Sheffield Credit Union will always send emails containing  No other email addresses are used.  These include,, and similar.  Do not respond to emails that claim to be from Sheffield Credit Union but do not have this format.  Delete the email instead, and contact Sheffield Credit Union by the usual means.

Thank you for your valued membership.