New Services and Hours in Rotherham Office

New Services and Hours in Rotherham Office

We would like to draw your attention to the following changes to our opening hours in Rotherham, in addition to the extra services that Rotherham members can now benefit from.

From Tuesday 3rd October 2017, the Rotherham Office will open from 9:30am to 3:30pm and close for lunch from 12:30-1:00pm.  We are happy to report that a considerable amount of Rotherham members are now choosing the convenience of using our website online services to manage their accounts and are benefiting from the extra telephone and email service available from the Sheffield office when the Rotherham office is closed on Mondays, Thursdays and on Saturday mornings.

To ensure that we meet the demand for face-to-face services when it is highest, we are redeploying our local staff team to be more available to members calling in on Fridays.  Therefore from 1st September 2017, we will not be open in Rotherham on Mondays, our day of least demand.  We are confident that our Rotherham members will not experience a reduced service as a result of these changes, and will continue to provide a telephone and email service via the Sheffield office on Mondays.

These changes will ensure that we can maintain a reliable face-to-face service in Rotherham to meet the needs of the growing number of Rotherham inhabitants and employees who are choosing to use a fair and ethical local community savings and loans organisation, alongside the online and remote services that provide flexible and convenient access to our services.

Remember, you can request withdrawals, apply for loans and make changes to your account:

  • through the online services section of our website (registration required);
  • via email;
  • via our telephone services;
  • in either of our offices or information points.

We thank you for our understanding, and appreciate any feedback that you have for us on the continued development of our services.