What are Sheffield Credit Union Information Points?

What are Sheffield Credit Union Information Points?

Information Points are a safe and friendly, local way to access Sheffield Credit Union services.

Why safe?

You can submit joining forms, loan applications, SCUBA (budgeting account) applications and savings account requests to the friendly volunteers, who will securely transfer these to the main office for processing.  Please note – cash is not taken or issued at the information points.

Why friendly?

They are usually based in an informal, community setting – our volunteers are trained and committed to providing you with information to assist with your financial needs.  They give their time to make sure you can be fully informed without having to attend either of our main offices.  Where they cannot answer your questions, they have a direct way to find the information from the main offices or refer your query for a main office call back.

Where are they?

Currently there are 2 active points – one at Newfield Green Library (Friday mornings) and one at Stocksbridge Christchurch Centre (Monday mornings).

If these information points are more convenient for you – why not give them a try?  Call 0114 2760787 or email admin@sheffieldcreditunion.com for more information.