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How to Join

The easiest way to join is to apply online. You can join to save, or apply for a loan at the same time, using the buttons below.

It only takes around five minutes to apply online - it is easy, safe and secure.

When you join online we will run an automatic identity check so please take care to enter your details correctly. If we need any further ID or proof of address, we will contact you once we have received your application.

There is a £5 joining fee, which you will need to pay before your account can be activated. £1 of the fee will be your Membership Share. This allows you to vote on the running and development of the organisation. The other £4 is a non-refundable fee, to cover the setting up of your account.

Joining Online & Next Steps:

  • Once you have submitted your online application, you will need to pay your £5 joining fee to activate your account;
  • If we need any additional proof of identity, address, or other information, we will contact you to ask for this;
  • We will send you a welcome pack, and ask you to return a signature letter and nominated bank account form (so that we can transfer savings withdrawals or loans to you);
  • You will be given a membership number, and an an Easy Saver account, so that you can start saving immediately;
  • Once joined, you can apply for loans, budgeting accounts, or our other savings accounts when you wish (subject to status and terms & conditions);
  • We recommend that you also register for on-line access to track your savings balances, request withdrawals and make use of our other online features.

Right to Cancel: Please Read Before Submitting Your Application.

Note: For more information on how the Credit Union operates, you can view our Rulebook here

Prefer to apply by post or in branch? See our Other Ways to Join page for details.