How to Join

If you would like to join us, whether to save, borrow, manage bills – or all of those – Welcome!

We are here to help you use our services, and we are sure you will find them useful.

Joining is easy. You can do it on-line here or via the Join Us button at the top of every page, just follow the instructions and look for the confirmation email.

Please note: you must complete your name, address and other details accurately.  If you enter your last name in the box for your first name, or miss any details, the automatic ID check will not work, and we may have to ask you to bring your proof of ID and address to the office.

Alternatively you can fill in a membership form (available to download on the website or we can send you one), and bring proof of identity to one of our branches. Alternatively, you can now select an automated ID check to avoid bringing in your ID, for a small extra joining fee.

You can join on-line, at one of our branches or one of our community based information points. Once joined, you can register for our members area, and access your balances, apply for loans and request withdrawals through this at your convenience, with your PC or mobile phone.

Membership form

You can download a form below, pick one up from one of our branches or an Information Point or phone or email us and we will post or email one to you. We can go through the form with you if you pop in to one of our branches or an Information Point.

Membership Form (pdf, 941kb)

The form is in three parts:

  • Your details and signature: please include your email address if you use one.
  • The Nomination: this is a legal requirement, and tells us what to do with your money if you are no longer around to handle it.
  • The monitoring information: this helps us to get our services right for everyone in the Sheffield City Region.

Proof of identity

This helps guard against identity theft and other problems. We need to see two things:

  • An official item, such as passport, driving licence, that proves your identity.
  • A recent formal letter, eg from the Council, gas supplier etc. that confirms your address.

Here is a full list of accepted documents.

We will copy these for our files and give them straight back to you. Or opt for the automated ID check on the form.

Joining fee

  • The fee covers the administration for a new member and is just £2.
  • It is paid once, when you join. The online ID check is an additional £2. You will need to deposit £1 in your shares (savings) to activate your account.
  • The only other fees are for particular services that you may choose to use.
  • There are no hidden or unexpected fees.
  • We don’t ask for details of your bank until you use a service that pays money in or out of it. (If you don’t have a bank account, call in and ask our friendly staff about basic bank accounts or an Engage card)

What next?

When we receive your application we will send you a welcome pack that tells you more about your membership of Sheffield Credit Union or we will email your membership number, and on receipt of your membership fee and initial deposit, your account will be fully active. You can pay this by bank transfer to 08-92-50 67006568 using your membership number and surname as the reference, or by cash in one of our branches.

You can start saving, apply for a loan or use other services once your account is activated.