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You can pay into your Sheffield Credit Union account using any of these methods. It is up to you how much, or how often, you save - even just £1 a week will build up over time.

Bank Transfer

You can send one off payments from your bank, or set up a regular standing order, using these bank details:

Always verify a company's bank details before you send a payment. You can do this in different ways:

  • When you set up a payment through your banking app, most banks will check that the details you have entered belong to Sheffield Credit Union Ltd. If the app says the details don't match, stop! Call or email us before you send any money.
  • If you have received a welcome pack from us by post, our bank details are on the first page of the pack.
  • You're welcome to contact us to verify the bank details.

Payroll Deduction

If your employer is one of our payroll partners, you can set up payments directly from your wages. Just email with a recent payslip, and let us know how much you would like to have deducted. You can find out more about payroll / salary deductions here.

Transfer a Benefit

You can contact the benefits office, or use your online Universal Credit journal, to arrange for a benefit you receive to be paid straight into your Sheffield Credit Union account. Give the office the sort code and account number listed above. Make sure you give them the correct reference, depending on which benefit you are transferring:

  • Universal Credit, PIP, or Tax Credits: Ask the office to use your membership number, followed by the first three letters of your surname, e.g. "12345Jon".
  • ESA, JSA, State Pension, Pension Credit or Child Benefit: These benefits use their own reference, you don't need to provide one.

If you already have a benefit paid into your Sheffield Credit Union account, please contact us before transferring another one.


You can pay cheques into your account in person at our office, or by posting them to us. The cheque must be made out to you, or to Sheffield Credit Union. Please write your membership number on the back of the cheque. Cheques take 14 working days to clear.