Who can Join?

Those who live and work in the Sheffield City Region can join the credit union, along with those associated with a number of housing providers – for full information please see Areas We Cover.

If you are eligible, you can join on-line – if you do not live in the Sheffield City Region, we will ask for proof of your employment or other eligibility criteria before making you a full member.

You will also need to pay the joining fee – which is £2 + £1 minimum deposit (plus an additional £2 fee if joining on-line to cover the on-line ID check).

Children can also be members from birth up to 16 years of age.  A separate form is available for this, and an adult will register as their trustee.  ID will be needed for the child and the trustee – see the ID Guide for details.

At age 16, junior members will transfer to adult membership, and will be required to provide their own ID at this point.  They will not be able to access our loan products until they reach age 18.

join online

Note: For more information on how the Credit Union operates, you can view our Rulebook here.