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SCUBA Budgeting Accounts

Need help with keeping on top of your important bills?

A SCUBA account can help you keep up to date with your bills, by splitting up your money and paying your important bills automatically.

How does it work?

  • Your benefits, wages or other income are paid into your Sheffield Credit Union account.
  • Your SCUBA account splits up your money automatically:
    • Your bills get paid, on time, every time.
    • Some of your money can go directly into your savings - you decide how much.
    • The rest of your money goes into your bank.

How much does it cost?

A SCUBA account costs £5 per month.

Some housing providers in Sheffield may pay the fee for you, if you pay your rent through your SCUBA, including:

  • Sheffield City Council
  • Great Places
  • Whitehornes
  • Some other private landlords/lettings agents

Not everyone is eligible for this - you can check with your housing provider, or contact us.

How to Apply

You can complete the form below and submit it to us by post or email, or in person at our office. You will need to be a member to open one of these accounts, and agree to the terms and conditions (below).

If you are not already a member, find out how to join here.

If you have a support worker or someone who helps you manage your money, and you would like us to be able to discuss your account with them, please also fill in an Authority to Act.