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More Than a Score

Here at Sheffield Credit Union we like to approach things a little differently from most other lenders. Here is how we are different...

More Than a Score

We don't just see you as a credit score, that's why we never make a loan decision just based on somebody's score.

Every loan is assessed by one of our experienced lending officers, who take care to arrive at the right decision. We carefully check that we feel the loan will be affordable for you, not just now but for the term of the loan you have applied for.

We also run a credit check, to see how you are managing with any credit agreements you have elsewhere. The last thing we want to do is put you in a more difficult situation in the future. However our assessment is more about your current situation, than your past.

The FairLife Mark

Awarded the FairLife Mark

We have been awarded the FairLife mark, in recognition that our loans are well designed in the interest of consumers. Only lenders who "price honestly and trade fairly with customers" are approved. You can find out more about the FairLife Charity at

Award winning support: online, by phone and in person. 4.9/5 stars on Smart Money People (1752 reviews). Accompanying photo: two people conversing over a desk. One is wearing a phone headset.

“All of my experiences of Sheffield credit union have been friendly, prompt, seamless and having the real personal touch makes a huge difference, they ensure any loan you take is affordable for you to repay.

I trust this organisation more than a main street bank or building society, I have saved with them for years and will continue to do so!”

Any no, is just a no for now

If we can't offer you the amount you have applied for, if we feel a smaller amount would be affordable, we will offer that option to you.

Sometimes though, unfortunately we do have to turn down applications. If your application is unsuccessful we are happy to discuss the reason with you. If you do receive a no, it is always just a no for now, not a no forever.

We are happy to discuss ways in which you could improve your chances in future. Sometimes this will be through taking actions to improve your credit record, seeking support with something, or by becoming eligible for one of our other loan products that may be more suitable for you.