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You can withdraw money from your savings account(s) with us, in the following ways:


Registered members can request a withdrawal through our online services (not available for junior accounts).  Please enter your bank details very carefully.  Online withdrawals are free, and will be processed within one working day, excluding Thursdays and bank holidays.

If you want to withdraw £10,000 or more, please contact us by phone or visit our office.

If you are requesting a withdrawal of £2,000 or more to your Engage Card, please allow 3 working days for this to be processed.


If you have set up a Nominated Bank Account and a withdrawal password (form required), you can ring and request a transfer to this bank account.  When you call we will ask you some security questions, including your password.

Choose between a same day transfer (£2 fee, Engage cards free) or a 3-5 day transfer (no fee).

In Branch

You can visit our branch and can complete a withdrawal form.