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Great news!

Your loan has been provisionally approved, subject to affordability checks.


You are only a few seconds away from completing your application...

All you need to do now is click the link below to connect to your bank. You will be asked to give consent for your bank to send us your recent bank statements in a safe and secure way. Once we have your bank statements we will be able to complete our affordability checks and finalise your loan offer.

Terms & Conditions:

The provisional loan offer made to you in the text message is subject to our income verification and affordability checks. We will complete these once we receive your most recent 3 months' of bank statements. The quickest and most secure way of providing these is through the link above, if you have online or mobile banking. The provisional loan offer will be withdrawn if we do not receive your bank statements. We reserve the right to vary the offer if we have concerns over the affordability of your loan when we verify your income and outgoings.