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30 Day Notice Account

For those looking to save on a longer-term basis, you can deposit up to £5,000 in our 30 Day Notice account, which comes with added benefits.


Build a long-term savings habit with free life savings insurance:

  • Free life savings insurance included (covers up to £5,000, conditions apply)
  • 30 days notice required on withdrawals, with up to 4 withdrawals allowed per year
  • You will receive a dividend on savings held in your 30 Day Notice account (subject to approval)

How to Apply

You can contact us by phone, email or via the contact form on the members' area to ask us to start up this account for you.  You will need to be a member to open one of these accounts, and agree to the terms and conditions (below).

If you are not already a member, find out how to join here.

Dividends - Key Information

Dividends are a share of the organisation's surplus, which is the money we make each year after we have paid our operating costs, and which we pay to members with savings. It is a bit like interest, but the amount paid will depend on how the organisation performs. Sheffield Credit Union is a not-for-profit organisation. This means that our main focus is helping people, not making money. In most years though we do make a small surplus - and we use this to reward our savers as well as continuing to invest in the services we provide.

We aim to pay dividends at least equal to the interest rates on building society instant access savings accounts. We cannot guarantee that a dividend will be approved at our Annual General Meeting, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The dividends paid for the last 5 years have been:

2018: 0.5%

2019: 0.0%

2020: 0.2%

2021: 0.2%

2022: 1.0%

Your dividend will be calculated based on your average savings balance over the year, and paid the following March, shortly after the AGM.

If you also receive dividends from other companies, you may have to declare this to HMRC. Find out more about paying tax on dividends.