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Sheffield City Council Housing

Welcome to safe savings and affordable loans with Sheffield Credit Union!

Sheffield City Council Housing tenants can access Sheffield Credit Union savings and loans by joining   on-line on this website, or by downloading a paper form on this link (link to paper forms).  You can also email or call 0114 2760787 and ask us to send you an application pack.  Your housing officer may have further information that they can provide to you too.More than 80 tenants joined us last year, and this year is already set to beat this substantially.  Why do they come to us for loans and savings?  We are a safe and regulated lender, our rates are below most of those of other lenders for comparable amounts and we are proven to help you to build savings as well as access loans.  On top of this - we are not for profit, based locally and support local people.  It's win-win!To start borrowing safely, or just to join, please choose one of the links below:A link to apply for a Progress loan + Family Loans(?) (SCCH specific version of loan products, with bespoke 'Apply Now' links that contain SCCH as the promo code)A link to just join and save (using promo code?)