Savings made simple

Savings Products Designed for Everyone

How can you save?

Saving with us is easy.

You can pay money in via the following methods:

  • A standing order from your bank account, or a one-off payment from your bank account
  • Payroll deductions through your employer
  • Transferring any Benefit into your Credit Union account
  • Cash at our Central Office (Sheffield office only)

Save a regular amount weekly, 4 weekly or monthly – whatever suits you.

We have savings accounts to suit everyone and you can have your payments split across all of the products you hold with us….

Want to draw your money out regularly? Share 1 account with an Engage debit card or Basic Bank Account or withdraw from the office
Want to save up and see your savings grow? Share 2 account – pay in directly, or transfer money and let it build. Also has free life savings insurance included (coverage up to £5000, conditions apply).
 Want to save up for Christmas? Christmas Saver account – keep the money in and you will get a bonus before Christmas, subject to minimum balance at 31 October of £200.  All savers also entered into prize draw annually.
Want to secure an affordable loan? Secured savings – we will move any savings on which your loan is based into this account until your loan is repaid.  Also has free life savings insurance included (up to £5000 covered, conditions apply).
 Aged under 16? Junior Savings account that attracts interest and gets you into good habits early!