Payroll Membership For Employers

Happy Employees make Happy Workplaces

Do you find that your employees ask for pay advances?  Would you like to help your employees to improve their financial health during these times of austerity?

Sheffield Credit Union offers an easy way to give your employees access to savings and loans through an ethical, not-for-profit, safe and regulated local provider.

Once you as the employer signs up to the service, we set up payroll deductions with your payroll or HR department, for your employees to send a regular payment into their credit union account.  There is complete discretion, as nobody needs to know whether the employee is making savings, repaying a loan or a combination of the two.

Your employee applies for an account at Sheffield Credit Union, through the website or one of our branches, and lets us know how much they would like to be paid into their account from their wages.  We then set this up with you, the employer, and a simple system of a monthly BACS payment to the credit union, along with a basic excel report ensures that payment is made to your employees’ accounts.

If you are interested in this service, please contact  We will arrange a meeting and provide you with information, details on how you can offer this free service to your employees, and marketing materials to support promoting the service to your employees.

You can find a list of employers currently registered for this service, as well as details of how your employees can benefit on this link.